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To remain on the safe side we highly recommend you to check with the Lebanese Embassy in good time before the planned trip to Lebanon to inquire about the entry requirements specified for your nationality. Please do so as soon as you decide to travel to Lebanon in order to have enough time to prepare and submit all requested documents.

Citizens of the EU member states (as well as nationals of some other countries) coming for tourism have the option - under certain conditions - to obtain their visas instantly upon arrival to Lebanon without applying through the Lebanese Embassy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Visa application procedure for those nationals who need the prior approval of the Lebanese General Security takes about 6-8 weeks. Please consider this when planning your trip to Lebanon and apply for a visa by submitting all required documents not later than 3 months before the estimated start of your trip.

Obtaining a Visa AT THE AIRPORT :

Holders of a passport of one of the EU member states (as well as of some other states) who are coming for the purpose of tourism have the option to obtain a visa for one month (renewable for up to three months) upon arrival to the International Airport in Beirut as well as at the border centers.

Please check the website of the Lebanese General Security for the list of states whose citizens can get a tourist visa upon arrival to Lebanon (including the respective conditions).

 Since the above list is subject to frequent changes, all visitors requiring a visa - irrespective of their nationality - are advised to contact the visa section at the embassy for details about where to obtain their visa.

Obtaining a Visa THROUGH THE EMBASSY :

Those nationals who are  not  eligible to obtain a visa upon arrival to Lebanon under the provisions of the Lebanese General Security have to apply for a visa through the embassy for prior approval from the competent authorities in Lebanon.
 You will find the visa application form as well as an information sheet about the application procedure, including the required documents, at the end of this secton.

 Visas, issued by the Lebanese Embassy are valid 90 days from the date of issue (arrival in Lebanon must be within this period).

 After entering Lebanon, the visa is valid for one, two or multiple entries and a duration of 15 days, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months (the latter only in exceptional cases) - depending on the purpose of the trip.

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